Teacher is a maker of man, he is a founder of all education and thus of whole civilization of mankind present and future of the following generation, teacher must lead his community throughout dream, mission, and believe, to make development nation.
Teacher must create a happy and warm environment and independent students to promote them up!

Somali teacher was working under the critical condition since 1991, and they have done the most quality job in this country; because they save the life of Somali youth to not share violence, and civil war.

Meanwhile if Somali students and teacher adept with the reality surely the future will so good!

If Somali teachers uses wrong direction the future will be too dark!
To reach the real goals the teachers must be under this point which mentioned in researches.
1.the ability to develop relationships with students.

2.patient, caring, and kind.

  1. Knowledge learners.
  2. Deduction to learning.
  3. Engaging students learning.

After this our nation will so bright and nice and we shall reach the goals.

عن محمد حسن علي

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