The diplomatic crisis between Somalia and Kenya

Rape of the rights from its people and unfairly granting it to others are habits of the colonialism, the African continent suffered from the European colonialism, which plundered its resources and persecuted it,

The diplomatic crisis between Somalia and Kenya,

How did it start and what sides are benefiting from it? But before all this;

Let’s go back to history to get a real understanding of this important issue.

the African continent suffered from the European colonialism, which plundered its resources and persecuted it, And worse than all this, that European colonialism placed between the Bani Alsamr –Africans- geographical borders based on their interests, which led to the rape of people and land and give it to others Against their will.

The biggest example of this is Somalia …
Somalia is a Muslim Arab country that most of its people take Islam in the early century of al-sahaba in the days of Muslim migration to Abyssinia.

Like most of the Black Continent countries Somalia was occupied and colonized, by the Europeans, three European countries colonized Somalia,   Italy, Britain, and France.

 The British colony was the one who enjoyed most of the Somali territory.
The British colony divided the Somali territory into three parts, Somaliland, NFD, and Ogadenia. The British colony gave Somaliland its independence then gave NFD to Kenya, and Ogadenia to Ethiopia.

European colonialism went and the African occupation of Somali territories left, the British Somaliland, which was colonized by Britain and Italian Somalia united to form what is now known today the Republic of Somalia.

The Somali Republic has tried to recover the missing parts of its country, by military force, and had fought with their neighbor, the most famous war was in 1977 war, Republic of Somalia Fought with Ethiopia, to recover Ogadenia ,the result of that war was that the republics of Somalia had completely got destroyed it.
That’s what Led Somalia to its complete absence and disappears from its territory.

Nearly 20 years later Somalia is gradually rebuilding itself from scratch. This did not appeal to all parties benefiting from the devastation and devastation of the Somalia people, especially Ethiopia and Kenya, which occupied parts of Somali territory.

And some Gulf countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia which keen on the absence of oil competing their oil in global markets. Because Somalia has the largest stockpile of oil and natural gas in the Horn of Africa.

And for this reason, the quadriplegic aggression on Somalia is formed.

Especially after the London Oil Marketing Conference for Somali oil, Kenya, with its help from the United Arab Emirates, claimed parts of Somali water border, and accused the innocent Somalia that it is auctioning the Kenyan oil.

Of course, the current Somali government has decided to prosecute Kenya with the International Court of Justice.

After this decision, Kenya and the United Arab Emirates attacked Somalia diplomatically, and tried to pressure Somalia by different ways, such as severing diplomatic relations, deporting citizens and harming the Somali people living there to force Somalia to abandon its water and oil, But Somalia insisted on its decision , frustrating the ambitions of the quadripartite aggression,

The case was brought in-front of the International Court of Justice.

Figure 1 Somali Kenyan dispute maritime

And at the end of this year, the case will be heard and brought in front of the court and an arbitral decision will be made to end these conflicts.
We ask God to help Somalia, which is oppressed by brothers and enemies who are allied against it.

عن Abdullahi Jimale Said

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